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Aurora Store is a free and fantastic Google Play Store alternative where you can download apps, update the apps you already have, receive details about in-app trackers, hide your location, search for apps and do so much more. Aurora store comes with an excellent design, beginner-friendly user interface and a lot of features which we will be discussing today.

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Aurora Store

What is Aurora Store?

Aurora Store is an alternative app store. This is the same app, you can download the APK offer on Google Play and you don’t need to have a Google Play account for that. It can be installed alongside the standard app store to provide an alternative source of less restrictive apps. To download Join Aurora Store, hit the download button. Download the app’s APK file and install it once the download is complete.

If you are concerned about privacy, understand that the Aurora Store doesn’t require any of Google’s proprietary frameworks to function. It works perfectly with or without GooglePlayService or MicroG. However, if you are still relying on these services, the Aurora store is also available for you.

The Aurora store was originally based on Sergei Yeriomin’s Yalp store, but v3.0 has gone from scratch to complete following Material Design Rewritten to run on all  Android 5.0 devices.

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Aurora Store Features

The interface is simple and easy to use. This app allows you to see app descriptions, screenshots, updates, and comments from other users. Download APKs directly to your device with one tap. You will see a tab with the apps installed on your device and their versions. Users can search for apps of interest by category. Photos, music,  audio, personalization, shopping, books, comics, and more. If you want to discover many of the most interesting tools, games, and applications for your Android device, download the Aurora Store APK and give it a try. Check out the AndroidAPKsFree App Store as well as another similar app.

It also makes it easier to manage apps already installed on your device. You can check if there is a new update for your app. You can block app updates and choose to automatically remove any APK after installing the app or keep it on your device. It also supports spoofing and rooted devices. However, in most cases, no signup is required to download apps from the Aurora store.

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Excellent Design

Aurora Store is created with the latest Material Design guidelines so it comes with elegant design.

Amazing Search Function

Aurora Store combines a unique search technology that helps you find the apps you are looking for in seconds.

Free/Libre software

Aurora Store comes with GPLv3 licence to offer you libre or free software.

Personal Accounts

Aurora Store lets you download purchased apps or access your wishlist by using your own Google account.

Exodus integration

Aurora Store instantly checks trackers that an app is hiding in its codes.

Anonymous accounts

Aurora store allows you to log in and download with anonymous accounts so you don’t have to use your own account.

No Tracking

If you download Aurora Store, be rest assured about your privacy as it will not track you or use your personal data.

Privacy focused

Aurora Store is considered to be an excellent privacy-friendly alternative.


Aurora Store app doesn’t have any ads or pop-ups.

Dark Mode

It supports dark mode for comfortable usage at night and in various low light conditions.

No registration required

Aurora Store lets you use most of the features without registration.

Aurora Store Screenshots


  • The installation of the Aurora store by means of the APK file needs the activation of unknown sources option. To do that, simply go to the Settings of your device and hit on Applications and then enable the Unknown Sources option.
  • You need a device running on at least Android 5.0 to install the Aurora Store.
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