Aurora Store Vs Play Store

The Aurora Store, an open-source client for the Google Play Store, is working on a major update that brings an improved user interface and improved app recognition.

On the other hand, Google Play, also known as  Google Play Store and formerly  Android Market, is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google.

What is the difference between the Aurora Store and Google’s Play Store?

Unlike Google’s Play Store, the Aurora Store does not track  the apps you download or use. We respect your privacy. Also, if Google marks your device as uncertified or doesn’t have the required Google apps, your Aurora store won’t be affected. Play Protect is not there as it is just a feature of the Play Store.

Do I need Google Play Services to use the Aurora Store?

No. The Aurora Store is designed to provide access to the Google Play Store without  Google services. Can be used with or without Google Play Services/MicroG.

Is the Aurora Shop safe?

Aurora Store is completely open source and verified by F-Droid. If you’re asking about app security in the store, these are exactly what the Play Store loads and shows. However, a lot of dangerous stuff seems to slip past Google. As a rule of thumb, don’t download anything  you’re not sure about.

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter if you want to do without Google services or use your phone without GMS. B. For Huawei smartphones, the Aurora store allows you to search and download virtually any app available in the Google Play store. Even if you don’t fit into these camps, features like device information and the ability to spoof your region are compelling enough to give the app a try.

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